• From November 19th to 29th it takes place the BH 2015, 19º Festival Documentary and Ethnographic Film.This festival is organized since 1997 through the partnership between AssociaçãoFilmes de Quintal and UFMG. For further information:


  • From November 25th and 29th: Festival de Arte Negra (FAN).On Sunday, the BlocoIlêAiyê, the most traditional street African bandfrom Salvador atPraça da Estação.For further information:


  • From November 2nd to 28th: FórumInternacional de Dança (FID), one of the most important dance events in the country. This year, it’s the 20th edition. For further information




You have bellow a list of some gastronomic, cultural and famous options of Belo Horizonte’s nightlife.

(See below also some links to help search for another options and good luck!)




  1. Inhotim – Centro de Arte Contemporânea (Contemporary Art Center)


One of the world’s largest open air contemporary art museums, with 100 acres of gardens and dozens of works by internationally renowned artists, Inhotim captivates visitors with its grandeur and originality. It’s no wonder that the museum has become one of the most sought-after Brazilian cultural spaces by foreign tourists.


For more: (Informations about values, guided tours, and others). How to get there?You can check here:


Address:Rua B, 20 – Centro- Brumadinho. + 55 3571 9700


  1. Museu de Arte da Pampulha(Pampulha Museum of Art)


Part of thePampulha Modern Complex, thePampulhaMuseumof Art (designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, in 1940-1943).The surrounding gardens are a creation of the landscaper Roberto Burle Marx, with statues ofCeschiatti, Zamoiski e José Pedrosa.In its collection the Works of Alberto da VeigaGuignard, Emiliano Di Cavalcanti, Ivan Serpa, TomieOhtake, Franz Weissman e Amilcar de Castro.


Address: AvenidaOtacílioNegrão de Lima, 16585 – Pampulha. Phone: 31 3277-7946. Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday. from 9h to 18h30.



  1. Circuito Cultural Praça da Liberdade (Praça da Liberdade Cultural Circuit)


Praça da Liberdade Cultural Circuit is one of the largest integrated culture complexes in Brazil. The buildings that once housed the state government’s administrative offices are now being used as spaces for art, culture, and entertainment. A number of areas are already open to the public: Centro de Arte Popular – CEMIG (CEMIG’s Popular Art Center, EspaçoConhecimento (UFMG Knowledge Center), Memorial Minas Gerais – Vale (Vale’s Minas Gerais Memorial), MM Gerdau – Museu das Minas e do Metal (MM Gerdau – Museum of Mining and Metal), ArquivoPúblicoMineiro (Minas Gerais Public Archives), BibliotecaPúblicaEstadualLuiz de Bessa (Luiz de Bessa State Public Library), MuseuMineiro, (Minas Museum), and the Palácio de Liberdade (Liberty Palace). Then there is the Casa Fiat de Cultura (Fiat House Culture Museum), which organizes and sponsors major international exhibitions, featuring works such as Rodin, Italian art, Caravaggio, and Giorgio De Chirico


Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil (CCBB):


Exposição Zeitgeist – The art of the new Berlin

Some plays from the FAN (see information above) will be taking place at the CCBB from November 26th to 29th.


For further information:





Downtown and South region:


Parque Municipal (Municipal Park)

Praça da Liberdade (Liberty Square)

Praça do Papa (Pope’s Square)


Pampulha (near UFMG):


Conjuntoarquitetônico da Pampulha (Pampulha’s architectural complex)

ParqueLagoadoNado (Lagoa do Nado Park)





Address: RuaGonçalves Dias, 1581, Lourdes


Cine 104

Address: PraçaRuy Barbosa, 104, Centro.


Cine Humberto Mauro

Address: Av. Afonso Pena, 1.537, Centro.




November 26th at 18:00. Daniel Lima (folk and rock).


Cine TheatroBrasil


RuaCarijós, 258, Centro.


November 26th at 20:30. OrquestraFilarmônica de Minas Gerais


Sala Minas Gerais


RuaTenenteBritoMelo, 1090, BarroPreto.






Downtown and South region (Savassi, Lourdes and others)


Snacks and beers


Mercado Central

Address: Av. Augusto de Lima, 744, Centro. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 7 to 18h. Sunday 7h to 13h.


The central Market it’s the most peculiar touristic attraction in BH, where you can find everything: cheese, fruits, cachaças, pets, arts and crafts, candy and regional food. There are two pubs (buteco) that we recommend:



-Bar da Lora


Café Palhares


Traditional coffee house, since 1938 where you can taste generous snacks and cold beer.

Address: Rua dos Tupinambás, 638, Centro.


Cantina do Lucas

First floor ofEdifícioMaletta, traditional hangout place for the UFMG community.Italian and regional food.

Address: Avenida Augusto de Lima, 233, lojas 18 e 19, Centro.


Redentor Bar

Draft beer, snacksand delicious food.

Address:RuaFernandesTourinho, 500, Savassi.


Bar do Lopes

Snacks, beer and cocktails.

Address: Rua Prof. Antonio Aleixo, 260, Lourdes.


Tizé Bar e Butiquim

Snacks, beer and cocktails.

Address:Rua Curitiba, 2205, Lourdes.


Bar do AntônioPé de Cana

Snacks, beer and cocktails.

Address:RuaFlórida, 15, Sion.


Lunch and dinner


RestauranteVarandão (in the roof top of Othon Palace Hotel)

It has a great view of the Municipal Park.

Address:AvenidaAfonso Pena, 1055 – 1050 – 25º andar – Centro.


Maria das Tranças

Famous chicken made in Minas Gerais.(which comes with rice, gumbo and angu)

Address: Rua Professor Morais, 158, Savassi.


Casa dos contos

Interesting restaurant where artists and intellectuals usually go.

Address: Rio Grande do Norte, 1065, Savassi.


Dona Lucinha

Regional food buffet.

Address: RuaSergipe, 811,


Café comLetras

Coffee house, bookshop and bar.(niceenvironment and delicious contemporary food)

Address: RuaAntônio de Albuquerque, 781, Savassi.


Sushi Naka

The best Japanese restaurant from Belo Horizonte.

Address: RuaGonçalves Dias, 92, Funcionários.



Indian Food. The restaurant is located at Indian Consulate.

Address:RuaParaíba, 523, Savassi.


PizzariaOlegário (Pizza place)

Great and very expensive pizza.

Address: Av. OlegárioMaciel, 1749, Lourdes.



Santa Teresa/Floresta

Cultural neighborhood of Belo Horizonte with a peculiar nightlife.



Great view of Praça da Estação (Station Square).The house specialties are salamis, cheese, exotic meat meals and sandwiches.

Address: RuaSapucaí, 527, Floresta.



Great view of Praça da Estação (Station Square). The house specialties are fish and seafood.

Address: RuaSapucaí, 535, Floresta.


Bolão (Big Ball)

It´s a very cool place where people go to eat at the end of the night.

Address: Praça Duque de Caxias, 288, Santa Tereza.


Birosca S2

Nice Bistrô with good food and cold drinks.

Address: RuaSilvianópolis, 483, Santa Tereza.


Bar Temático

Variety of snacks, regional food and fun environment.

Address: RuaPirité, 197, Santa


EstaçãoParadado Cardoso

Traditional pizza place close to the train line.

Address: RuaDores do Indaiá, 409, Santa


  • Belo Horizonte is known as the city with the greatest amount of pubs and bars (botecos). This guide gives you a few recommendations.


Pampulha (Near UFMG):


Hannah Asian Sushi Bar

Great view of Lagoa da Pampulha.

Address: Avenida Portugal, 2390, JardimAtlântico.



Very famous restaurant.Great regional food.

Address: RuaMandacaru, 260, Pampulha.



Regional food and nice environment.

Address: Av. GildoMacedoLacerda, 300, BairroBraúnas– Pampulha.


OlegárioPizzaria (Pizza Place)

Awarded pizza.

Address: Av. Antônio Carlos, 7456, Pampulha.


  • You can also go to AvenidaFlemming and look around for a restaurant. The avenue is very close to UFMG and has a great number of different kinds of restaurants.


Vegetarian Food:


San Ro

Address: Rua Professor Morais, 651.


Bem Natural

Addresses: (1) RuaAlagoas, 911, Funcionários; (2)RuaAfonso Pena, 941-loja4, Centro.


Fonte de Minas

Address: Rua dos Guajajaras, 619. Centro.



Music Bars


Baixo Centro Cultural

Alternative cultural center with music from Thursday to Saturday.

Address: RuaAarão Reis, 554, Centro.


A casa

Presents a variety of music styles; samba, blues and others. Live shows, good place for dancing.

Address: Rua Padre Marinho, 30, Santa Efigênia.


Café comLetras

Also offers live music (jazz).

Address: RuaAntônio de Albuquerque, 781, Savassi.



Underground place, DJ’s playing mostly rock and roll, with occasional live performances of indie groups. Address: Rua Rio Grande do Norte, 1168, Savassi.


Pedacinhos do céu

Samba and chorinho.

Address: RuaBelmiro Braga, 774, Caiçara.



Pub with live music.

Address:RuaOutono, 523, Cruzeiro.



At the Mercado Distrital do Cruzeiro,occasionally there are some live music shows.

Address: RuaOpala, S/N, Cruzeiro.