BH – Contemporary Cuisine


  1. Trindade – A cozinha do Brasil

Frederico Trindade and Felipe Rameh prepare a contemporary cuisine, made with ingredients collected in their travels through Minas Gerais.

Price*: R$130

Lunch: Fri-Mon, 12pm-5pm. Dinner: Tue-Sat, 6pm-12am

Adress: Rua Alvarenga Peixoto, 388. Lourdes

Phone: (31) 2512-4479


  1. Glouton

Leonardo Paixão practices the contemporary cuisine of Minas Gerais. He believes that the gastronomy nowadays reflects the nature where you cook.

Price*: 130

Lunch: Fri, 12pm-3pm. Sat-Mon, 1pm-5pm. Dinner: Tue-Sat, 7.30pm-12am

Adress: Rua Barbara Heliodora, 59. Lourdes

Phone: (31) 3292-4237


  1. Dona Lucinha

The Dona Lucinha Restaurant offers a cuisine which preserves the alimentary culture of the colonial period in Minas Gerais. This is the cuisine of the gold and diamond cycle. The restaurant presents the traditional recipes of the culinary from Minas Gerais, as the Cattleman’s Beans and the Chicken with Okra.

Price*: R$ 59,90

Adress: Rua Sergipe, 811. Funcionários

Phone: (31) 3261-5930


* The average price was calculated without including drinks and service.