SP – Contemporary Cuisine




  1. D.O.M


Alex Atala explores all the possibilities of Brazilian ingredients, especially those from Amazonia, combining classical and modern techniques. The D.O.M. restaurant opened a new era for Brazilian cuisine, where the ingredients and food culture of our country are the protagonists.


Tasting menu*: R$288 – R$410 – R$560

Lunch: Mon-Fri, 12pm-3pm. Dinner: Mon-Sat, 7pm-12pm


Adress: Rua Barão de Capanema, 549. Jardins

Phone: (11) 3088-0761 / (11) 3081-5499

Website: domrestaurante.com.br



  1. Maní


The restaurant was named after the Indian goddess of manioc. The legend tells us that the goddess was buried in her Indian home and right there the Brazilian native root first grew. Helena Rizzo and Daniel Redondo prepare a contemporary cuisine based on the memories of everyday life.


Price*: R$ 150-180

Lunch: Tue-Fri, 12pm-3pm. Sat-Mon, 1pm-4pm. Dinner: Tue-Wed, 8pm-11.30pm. Thu, 8pm-12pm, Fri-Sat, 8.30pm-12.30am


Adress: Rua Joaquim Antunes, 210. Jd. Paulistano

Phone: (11) 3085-4148

Website: http://www.manimanioca.com.br/site.html



  1. Mocotó


“To make Brazilian cuisine – for Rodrigo Oliveira – is to make the food of Sertão, which is my ground and of my family, it is to tell our history. From there comes our richness, our understanding and our place in the world. It is what and how we serve. It is our passion”. To taste the flavor of this history prove the “Baião-de-dois”: the famous Brazilian rice and beans from the Northeast with jerked beef, bacon, curdled cheese and sausage.


Price*: R$ 60

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri, 12am-11pm, Sat: 11.30am-11pm, Mon 11.30am-5pm


Adress: Av. Nossa Senhora do Loreto, 1100. Tucuruvi Station.

Phone: (11) 2951-3056

Website: http://www.mocoto.com.br



  1. Brasil a Gosto


The menu of Brasil a Gosto translates the journeys of Ana Luiza Trajano all over the country, in searching for the Brazilian richness culinary. The Menu Maria Isabel pays homage to the northeastern cuisine of Piauí.


Price*: R$ 130. Testing Menu*: R$ 190.

Lunch: Fri-Mon, 12am-5pm. Dinner: Tue-Sat, 7pm-12pm


Adress: Rua Professor Azevedo Amaral, 70. Jardins

Phone: (11) 3086-3565

Website: http://www.brasilagosto.com.br



  1. Tordesilhas


The Tordesilhas is an artisanal restaurant, based on the research of the Brazilian ingredients and techniques. Mara Salles shows that the cuisine of our country might be modernized without losing its roots.


Price*: R$ 115

Lunch: Sat-Mon, 12pm-5pm. Dinner: Tue-Sat, 7pm-1am


Adress: Alameda Tiete, 489. Consolação Station.

Phone: (11) 3107-7444

Website: tordesilhas.com



  1. Jiquitaia


The Jiquitaia restaurant presents a cuisine of Brazilian inspiration. Marcelo Bastos offers us a perfectly well prepared food, which shows the influence of the different regions of our country.


Lunch*: R$ 46, Dinner*: R$ 79

Lunch: Mon-Sat 12pm-3pm. Dinner: Tue-Sat, 7pm-11.30pm


Adress: Rua Antonio Carlos, 268. Consolação Station.

Phone: (11) 3262-2366

Website: http://www.facebook.com/Jiquitaia



  1. Butantan Food Park


The food trucks are the trend of the gastronomy on the street, selling sandwiches and meals.


Opening hours: Mon-Wed, 12pm-4pm. Thu-Sat, 12pm-10pm. Mon, 12pm-8pm.


Adress: Rua Agostinho Cantu, 47. Butantã Station

Website: http://www.foodtrucknasruas.com.br