São Paulo – Transportation/Accommodation



  • Airport Bus Service

Private bus service that links Guarulhos Airport to other points in Sao Paulo, namely: Congonhas Airport, Bus Terminals of Barra Funda and Tietê, Avenida Paulista, Praça da República and others including some hotels.

Ticket price: R$42,00

To check routes and schedules, go to: http://www.airportbusservice.com.br/en/home

  • Taxi Service – Guarucoop

Guarulhos Airport has only one taxi service company, the Guarucoop. It is a 24 hours service. It works with fixed prices, that should be payed in advance with credit card in the reception desk. The reception desks are located in the exit gate of Terminal 1 and 2, on the lower floor and arrival sector.

Medium cost of a Guarulhos-São Paulo’s central region taxi ride: R$ 150,00

For more information, go to: http://www.guarucoop.com.br/eng/index.html


  • Taxi Service – Taxi Ponto 606

After claiming your baggage, you must go down the ramp just in front of the automatic door. In the lower floor, go out of the building and get in the taxi queue. Taxi “Ponto 606” is the less expensive alternative for taxi service in this Airport (red and white cabs are the most expensive).


  • By Bus

You must go to Tiete Terminal Station, by the Tiete Metro Station (Line 1, blue). When you get out of the Metro station, look for the Bus company’s desks. In front of each of them are written their destinations. Look for Cometa or Gontijo companies.
Approximate price of a conventional Bus ticket: R$110,00

To check schedules and prices, go to:http://www.buscaonibus.com.br/en/timetable

  • By Plane

If you choose to go by plane, we recommend you to depart from Congonhas Airport (CGH). That is the most central airport, so taxi rides to get there are less expensive.

Approximate price of a flight ticket (if you buy it now): R$130,00



The WZ Hotel offers promotional prices for our Faculty.

To book in this Hotel, you must send us, until October 31st, an e-mail with your name, reservation period and the type of room (single or double) to sipp.ispp@yahoo.com.

Some Hotel’s information:

– Address: Avenida Rebouças, 955 – Jardins. Located 5 minutes from Avenida Paulista,  and 20 minutes from the University (USP). Phone: +55 (11) 3069 0000
– Check in starting from 14h/ Check out until 12h;

– 24 hours Taxi rank;

-Internet free for guests;


Executive Apartment for 1 PERSON. 16m², 2 single beds OR 1 king size bed.

R$ 229,00

Executive Apartment Double for 2 PEOPLE. 16m², 2 single beds 1 king size bed.

R$ 269,00

Luxury Apartment Single for 1 PERSON. 40m², 1 king size bed OR 2 single beds.

R$ 260,00

Luxury Apartment Double for 2 PEOPLE. 40m², 1 king size bed OR 2 single beds.

R$ 300,00

Triple Luxury Apartment for 3 PEOPLE. 40m², 3 single beds OR 1 king size and 1 single bed.

R$ 370,00

5% tax on Lodging.

For further information go to: http://www.wzhoteljardins.com.br/


FFLCH (Philosophy Faculty): Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 3380 – Cidade Universitária

IP (Psychology Faculty): Av. Professor Mello Moraes, 1721 – Cidade Universitária

  • Metro/Circular Bus

There is a Metro Station 10 minutes from the University by bus. Near by the station, there is a Bus Terminal, where you can find two Bus lines that go straight to University.

To get to Philosophy Faculty (FFLCH), we recommend you to get the 8012-10 line. After getting in the University Campus, you should get off the bus in the 3rd bus stop.

To get to the Psychology Faculty, it is better to get the 8022-10 line. After getting in the University Campus, you should get off the bus in the 4th bus stop.

  • Regular Bus line

There are many bus lines that go inside the University campus.

From FFLCH: there is a bus stop just in front of the Faculty. To get to WZ Hotel, for example, you should take 7411/10 Cidade Universitária– Praça da Sé. It will leave you in the bus stop in hotel’s front door. This line operates from 5:30 AM until 11:20 PM.

From IP:  You must take first the 8012-10 Circular line, in the bus stop of Avenida da Raia (Ray Avenue). Then you have two alternatives: to get to WZ Hotel – you muss get off the bus when it gets off the University campus in Avenida Vital Brasil and then pick up another bus (like 7411/10 Praça da Sé, 809V Paulista, 7545-10 Ramos de Azevedo; or you can get to the terminal (Metro Butanta) and then get the metro.

  • Taxi

There are some taxi ranks inside the University campus:

Praça dos Bancos/FEA (Banks square/FEA): (11) 3091-4488 (from  6AM to 12PM); Hospital Universitário (University’s Hospital): (11) 3091-3536 (24h);  Reitoria (Rectory Building) (11) 3091-3556


FFLCH and IP are in a 15 minutes walking distance: